Chaos errupts at Syria-Turkey Border in Kobani

Syrian Kurds Cross Turkish Border in Droves as ISIS Nears Kobani

Kurdish fighters continue to battle the Islamic State in the Syrian border town Kobani. Over the past few days, thousands have fled from Syria to take refuge in Turkey. As Turkey open their borders for Kurds, the country has yet made a final decision to support the defeat of the turmoil. The Kurdish fighters reportedly had been able to fend off a two-day assault from the ISIS group, according to New York Times. The United States led airstrikes assisted in temporarily slowing down the process, after destroying a jihadist convoy on its way to support the Islamic group.

However, the Kurds have only been able to control the chaos in Kobani with the last of their military weapons. ISIS forces are slowly regaining more military weaponry from unknown sources. American monitoring groups have reported that ISIS forces are fighting harder. Kurdish fighters are asking for military supplies and heavier machine weapons from the U.S and European Union to push ISIS completely out of Kobani.

“On Sunday, leaders of the two main political parties in Iraq’s semiautonomous Kurdistan region said at a news conference that they had sent weapons and humanitarian aid to Kobani. They did not say when the shipments were sent or whether they had arrived safely, but officials in Kobani said they never received weapons or ammunition from the Kurdistan authorities,” according to the New York Times.

In the midst of the war on the border, Kurds from Syria believe Turkish forces are secretly helping ISIS fighters or ignoring the war altogether as refugees are being interrogated. Turkey continues to resist the deployment of their military to assist the Kurds in battle. Tensions continue to rise as more Kurds pass through Turkey to northern Iraq in search of safe havens.

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