Natasha’s Word: Thought of the Day

Saving lives seems like a pretty colossal task to single handedly take on. In reality, as a single handed endeavor; it is.

Doctors make it seems like a one person job but for those of us who believe in a higher power. You should use doctors and trust God.

There is no life that a doctor saves without the expressed permission of God to preserve that life. Many times, I felt that my life needed to be saved, but I was not quite ready to identify what I needed to be saved from.

It was easy to play the fourth, little pig, running from an unnamed big bad wolf than the take responsibility for the direction my life was heading in. I turned 26 in December and as I stood in the shower that morning, I violently wept, not out of sadness but out of gratitude.

There have been so many times over the years that I should have expired, but without my knowledge or even a request, God elected to preserve me. I had never been more grateful for a prayer answered that I did not have the strength to pray for myself.

I have chosen to become more aware of things in my life. This gives me the hope and knowledge that I am inching closer and closer to my personal truth. I am grateful for my career.

Although my career can be stressful, my family, as dysfunctional as it can be, bills, friends, home and hearth sit in a certain place in my life. There is a position for all of these things and they all work together, synchronizing to orbit the systems of my life.

Today, I think of things that I have started and not followed through with. Being someone that has struggled with depression, doing things that boost my self esteem have been vital in keeping me medication free for nearly 60 days.

One of those things was running. I always told my self that I could not run for any amount of time. In October of 2014, I ran one full mile. After a few weeks, I gave up after I could not go beyond that without nearly collapsing from pure exhaustion. Quitting affected my confidence level, physical ability and appearance.

I want that back. I have talked and talked and talked for the past several weeks. I am ready to start. There is no further motivation than the motivation which you provide for yourself.

My truth is HEALTH. Health is totally spiritual. I run after it but almost never catch it. This time I soul is INVICTUS ( unconquerable).

Have a great day!

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