Natasha’s Word: Sacrifice

We have discovered that relationships of all kinds require cultivating friendship, time, discipline, consistency and finally SACRIFICE. Nothing in this life is free.

We must absolutely present God with an adequate sacrifice, not to pay for his presence, protection or love, but to show that we truly love and trust him. TITHE is simply defined as TEST. God is asking if we are willing to test our relationship with him by sacrificing our first fruits.

Are we willing to trust that in giving him what we earn first but not what is left over? We find it easy to trust him in between.

This same concept applies to the human relationship. Are you willing to sacrifice for the testing of your relationships? Are you willing to give extra time to a friend,engage in an important conversation with your spouse, take a walk with your child to talk about his or her day?

What will your sacrifice be to those you love? Have a great day!

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