Thought of the Day: Insight

“I wish you insight so you can see for yourself,” said Jay Z, American rapper, producer and entrepreneur. Insight is something many of us lack.

Along with that, we lack the gumption to seek insight, knowledge, the who, what, when, where, how and why of the things we do.

God’s vision ¬†and journey is set out differently for each person he created. You have no insight into my vision or journey unless I allow you to.

You cannot interpret my vision because God has not taken you through the rivers, valleys and mountaintops that he has taken me through.

Insight and vision can be neither right or wrong because it is totally perception based. The things that are sensible for others may not make sense to you.

Seek insight for yourself. There’s no understanding more beautiful than the understanding of self.

Knowledge is the beginning of love, for yourself and others. May you seek insight today and everyday.

Be blessed.

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