Angels among us


Hebrews 13:2 states, ” we should not forget to be hospitable to strangers for through this hospitality some have entertained strangers without knowing it.

In my second year of college, there was a goofy, young man that sat in front of me in English and behind me in biology class. I did not understand cell processes and he could interpret poetry. We decided we were the perfect study buddies.

He was quirky, funny and fun in his own way. He always had a huge smile and a laugh for any and everyone. He was never inappropriate or expressed any interest of that nature in me.

The night before finals, we laid in the bed while finishing some late night cramming when he said, ” always demand to be treated with respect and love. You deserve no less and take nothing less.” He later left.

I woke up next morning, oversleeping for my English final. With the grace of God, I walked in the classroom just as the final was being passed out. He had not even saved my normal seat.

I gave him the evil eye and sat down angrily to take my test. After the test, I left immediately, packed my things and went home.

Two days later, he was killed by a drunk driver.

Devastation does not begin to cover the situation, but what was truly beautiful was the fact everyone knew him differently but had the exact same impression… angel among us.

Days later, I sat at a gas station on the hottest day of the summer and a cool breeze brushed my face. I believed it to be him reminding me that true angels never die! Who are your guardians?

Have an awesome day!

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