Thought of the Day


It boggles my mind that in 2015, the height of the modern age — for my lifetime gender roles — are still so seriously rigid that women have become weak and feeble while men have become tyrants.

In some situations, basic American constitutional rights do not apply to women. These rights are not taken so much by the government but by the men we call spouses, significant others and friends.

We are often not allowed to speak, accused of not controlling our emotions and being weaker, slower, less smart and many other demeaning things. This may be true for some women, I cannot deny, but let us see what God had to say about this.

Although changing the fate of the world, Eve was clever, smart, strong and birthed an entire world of people. Sarah sacrificed her personal comfort to give her husband a child.

Rahab-the hooker was spared by the Israelites because of her bravery and eventually birthed Boaz, who gave rise to lineage of King David and eventually Jesus Christ. Rachel left all that was familiar to follow a woman and a God she knew essentially nothing about.

Bathsheba, who the Bible refers to Uriah’s wife, gave birth to Solomon, the king who was said to be the wisest man to ever walk the Earth. Let us not forget the beautiful daughter of King David, Tamar. Tamar was raped, abused, shamed, protected by her father and forced to live out her days in a hermit.

She woke up every day full of faith and never wavering in the belief that God would provide for her. You see, even God, whom we refer to as a masculine figure, recognizes, praises and provides for the fortitude of women.

We are the only of species capable of giving and nurturing life. It is special. It has to mean more than the validation of an unworthy man. Some are worthy, but if he lacks the knowledge of your worth and more importantly your descendants, he cannot possibly value, support or protect you.

Have an amazing day.


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