Thought of the Day


I had a conversation recently with a young man with a very promising future about feeling worthy. Why he asked? Why would God choose me to do such great things when I seem so unworthy. I began top ponder the same  thing.

What came to mind was one of the epic failures of one of God’s favorite sons: David. David had many wives and many, many children. One of his only daughters, Tamar, had an unmistakable beauty, along with her brother. Long story short, her half brother by another mother, raped her and ruined her future. David, God’s favorite, refused to punish him. She was demeaned, degraded and disregarded.

Her future was stolen forever all because her brother was evil and her father– a coward. God still kept the anointing over David’s lineage and we never know if he repented of the great injustice he allowed to happen to his daughter.

Even when we are clearly unworthy, God chooses who he chooses for the task at hand, even when are clearly unworthy. Judas was a necessary part of our salvation.

You are worthy! Seek your passion and that is where God will amount the work of your hands.

Have a wonderful evening.

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