The true story of the Ugly Duckling


As a kid, I think we all learned the story of the Ugly Duckling. The one less attractive duckling in his small world of ducks. He or she was not attractive, not a strong swimmer, and was not as graceful as the rest.

The story was used to teach us about inner beauty and self-esteem. In my opinion, however, there was a dual meaning.

The ugly duckling was never truly ugly outside. She looked like everyone else. She was misunderstood. She was different and special in ways others could not begin to understand.

The world saw her through glasses that were stained, cracked and distorted. As a result, they could not see she was the most dynamic, beautiful and special of them all. The ugly duckling began to see herself in exactly the way the world saw her: ugly, useless, insignificant and not worth living.

It was not until she took off her own cracked glasses that she saw herself as she truly was. It no longer  mattered if the world valued her because she was finally able to see that she would be invisible to others as long as she couldn’t truly love and see herself.

Think before you carelessly handle the hearts and minds of others today and everyday.


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