Q&A: Gabrielle Boyd on her journey to publishing a book

Life can be difficult as a college student. From going to class, participating in campus organizations, serving in the community to finding time to eat and rest, it can all become chaotic.

Try adding the idea of writing a book on top it. Yes, that’s scary.


Gabrielle Boyd, a senior broadcast journalism student at the University of Southern Mississippi, discusses the journey of writing her book ‘Howls of Chaos’, the difficulties she faced, her reasons for writing plus her in-depth thoughts about key issues in the book.

1. Being that you are a busy college student with much on your plate, what inspired you to write a book at an early age? What gave you the motivation to do so?

Boyd: I was a sophomore in college when I wrote ‘Howls of Chaos’.  I was taking multiple hours and was always busy.  I have always been very creative when it comes to writing rather its short stories, poems, or songs.  One day I came to my dorm after class and this character popped into my mind.  I grabbed a notebook and began writing.  Every day after my classes I would continue to write on this project until it was complete.

2. Your book is entitled Howls of Chaos. Who or what gave you the idea to write about werewolves? Do you have a deep imagination, is there a deeper meaning to this book, was there a life issue depicted throughout the book?

Boyd: I have always been a fan of vampires and werewolves ever since I was a child.  It started with the Howling movie series and Interview with a Vampire. I also enjoy watching shows such as True Blood, The X-files and Supernatural.  Not only do I enjoy watching shows about werewolves and vampires, but I enjoy learning about the historical legends about them.  I would say that I have always have had a deep imagination.  I would say that even though the book is fiction some of the characters can relate to people in every day.

 3. What made you name the book “Howls of Chaos? Is there deeper meaning behind this? 

Boyd: Finding a title for the book was quite difficult.  I had so any different ideas, but finally I came up with something that fits the story.  I completely made it up one day, when I had finished writing the book.  I guess you could say that since the story is about werewolves, howling has a lot to do with it.  The chaos part has to do with the town being full of chaos.

4. What is the overall motive in writing the book? What do you hope readers take from the book?

Boyd: I just want people to enjoy the book.  If they love reading about werewolves and vampires with a southern twist, then they should enjoy reading ‘Howls of Chaos’.

5. What is your favorite part or section in writing this book and why? What made this particular part stand out the most?

Boyd: I think the part where Alexsys sneaks out of the house to go to a party with her friends and ends up locking lips with one of her best friends, even though she is in a committed relationship.  He opens up to her and admits that he has feelings for her, and she obviously have a feelings for him as well, but she knows that there is no future with him, because of her loyalty to her pack. I believe that this part of the book, many people can relate to because this happens in real life.

6. What was the hardest part in writing this book or any book for that matter?

Boyd: The hardest part was making the time to write it.  Since I was taking a load of courses and having to do homework almost every night, it was kind of difficult to find time to work on this project.  Even though I was busy with school, I was still dedicated to working on Howls of Chaos and finishing it.

7. Were there any portions of the book that you would have liked to make better?

Boyd: I believe that any author will agree that after their book or story is published they believe that they could have changed something that may have slightly improved it some.


8. In the book, Alexsys goes through a transition, ( a brand new house, a new environment, new friends, new school), can you discuss the character of Alexsys? How can this relate to girls or young people who find themselves going through a transition in life?

Boyd: Alexsys is a fascinating character, she is your typical college student that deals with everyday changes, the only difference is that she is a werewolf and has been around for a while.  She is smart, outgoing, goes to school, she works, she has a jealous, overprotective and controlling boyfriend, and a group of wonderful friends.  She faces tough decisions and life changes that can affect herself as well as other people.

I believe that all young people go through changes and transitions in life where they must adjust to new things.  Everyone has had to face this at this some point and Alexsys does everything she can to adapt and try to blend in and be normal with society.  I would say that most of her experiences and decisions are not that much different from girls and women in everyday life.

9. Would you consider Alexsys the main character? If not, who is? What characters serve as dominant figures in the book? How do they shape the book to its entirety?

Boyd: Alexsys is definitely the main character, but there are other characters that are other dominant characters in the book that can relate to everyday people.  They have jobs and they have families that they love and care about. For example Carlos, who is Alexsys longtime boyfriend; he is also the town’s new lawyer and businessman.  Mallory and Mason are both descendants of a prominent southern family that has a lot of influence in the county.  Sheriff Collinbelle, is the county sheriff, who is also served in the military and fought for his country.  There are other characters who have powerful roles and shape the story, but one must read the book to find out.

10. You decided to make the book a Nook Book/EBook? What made you decide this and is it a possibility readers will be able to get a paperback version of your book?

Boyd: I decided to go with the eBook because today people usually use their smart phones, tablets, and computers to read things.  I wanted to take the technological path, but people should expect the paperback version in the future.

11. Are you still promoting the book? Are there any future plans to write another book? 

Boyd: I am still promoting Howls of Chaos.  I have over 12,000 fans on Facebook.  I have been on television, radio, and in quite a few newspapers across the state of Mississippi.  People should expect a sequel in the near future.  I have other projects that I am currently working on as well.

‘Howls of Chaos’ is now available through eBooks for Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, iBooks and Kobo eReader.

Visit and like Gabrielle’s book page at http://www.facebook.com/HowlsofChaos

Get to know Gabrielle Boyd

Full Name:  Gabrielle Boyd

Twitter: @GabbyReports

Classification:  Senior

School:  University of Southern Mississippi

Major/ Minor: Broadcast Journalism, Spanish (minor)

Life Motto:  To help educate people on human rights and animal rights

Fun Fact:  I love animals!


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