Thought of the Day: Be careful what you ask for

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got very specific with God about the things you want and don’t want?

Would he grant your wishes like a genie in a bottle or smite you first for beginning the apocalypse?

Well, he said in his word to make your needs, desires and petitions known to him. However, for me, I believe that has come with a caveat that I have opted to ignore: DANGER AHEAD, BE CAREFUL OF THAT WHICH YOU ASK.

If you ask for peace in your home, mass chaos breaks out in the family in an effort to teach perfecting peace. If you ask for true love, you meet the merry band of losers and my sweet heavenly father expects me (the queen of bad choices) to pick the right one.

If you ask to do the job you love, you get it but you have crazy people for coworkers.

Prayer and request is sacred for a reason. There will always be a learning experience for what you ask for.

Be careful what you pray for. Have an awesome day.


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