Thought of the Day: Love is an important part of life

Everybody loves a great love story and boy have I found a page turner. It has all the components that a great love story needs: drama, tragedy, betrayal, sex and a hero.

It is a tale as old as time-literally, but we miss the beautiful love story that is in the Bible by attempting to memorize, change and defend it.

The words of the Bible aren’t nearly as important as the spirit in which it was written. An all-seeing, all-knowing hero (God) chose to create people because of who he is, love.

Even from the beginning, the hero knew that his people would be imperfect. He knew he would need someone to save the day. Thus, he put provisions in place for us to be saved. I am so loving this hero right now.

Here’s the point. God gave us everything we would ever need to love this life. A brain and a heart both surrounded by a body and most importantly a hero like him.

When tragedy strikes, remember the hero already saved the day. Nothing catches him by surprise.

Have an amazing day.

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