Thought of the Day: Mud in my eyes to heal the blind

There is no greater disappointment than learning that your world and the people who are in it are not who you thought they were. People are often speaking of their morals and values. However, more often than not, these are just empty words.

The truth shows in how people behave. You can decipher a liar, someone with a broken heart or spirit and even the truly genuine person just by watching what he or she does. What goes against the the natural to exist in a constant state of imbalance? Evil and instability.

Here is the bottom line.

Always speak the truth. It’s just easier that way.

Take nothing personal because people behave according to their reality.

Always do your best. Your best may vary when you are sick and you are well. Nevertheless, give what you have.

Most importantly, do not make assumptions about the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others. Be brave enough to ask questions to gain knowledge and understanding.


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