Understanding the silent journey

There will be times in life when we must walk alone. Friends change or move away. Families become disjointed and relationships dissolve.

It is in these times that I am forced to ponder the ever present nature of God. We wonder if he is there and if he is listening. More specifically, we wonder if he cares.

Life can be difficult to navigate. What helps me deal with this process is the art of being still.

I often refer back to my favorite poem, Footprints in the Sand. My favorite line states, ” at the lowest times in your life when you looked, and only saw one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”

I am not are about you but I find more comfort in God’s embrace than simply the touch of his hand as we walk through this life together. Your struggles will be different from those around you, but God’s supernatural love, grace and mercy are sufficient for all manner of need.

Have an amazing day.

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