The ‘click’ of life

“You’ve  always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.” ~Wizard of Oz

I bet you’ve never given a second thought to the meaning of that quote outside the fact that in very next moment Dorothy clicked her heels and she was back in Kansas. In reality, Glenda needed Dorothy to realize that strength and power do not lie in having a brain, a heart, courage or even the ability to ask someone else to do something difficult for you (sending you home).

Strength always comes from inside. We are but a spirit housed by a body not the other way around. The strength of your spirit is directly related to the ease of your journey in this life. You and I have the power to choose life, love, peace, happiness, acceptance, forgiveness and most importantly redemption.

Satan is not our true enemy. Human nature is. It is our sheer inability to be higher level, spiritual creatures and choose correctly. Remember this the next time you think of the enemy that steals, kills and destroys. That enemy would be your humanity, not your spirit which was created in God’s image.

Have a great Day!


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