Managing a life of busy-ness each day

A constant theme as of late that has confronted me is “the danger of busy-ness”. I have seen those very words on billboards and pins on Pinterest. It is quite obvious that this message is divine.

So, what is busy-ness? The everyday activities that we use to fill the precious moments. Busy-ness can be caused by a job, family, friends, relationships and even church obligations.

The best way to combat busy-ness is sheer prudence. Often, we get up in the morning still burdened by the events of yesterday, fears about today and anxiety of tomorrow.

Our bodies may be present but our mind and spirit are disjointed and out to lunch. In reality though, we can we really do to change what will come to be? Worry and fear do not help with accomplishing goals.

Try to take the opportunity every morning to forgive yourself and others. Do not hold grudges.

Whatever happens today good or bad, take it and move through it as quickly as possible to hurriedly get back to the business of being PRESENT.

Think about it. Happy Sunday!

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