The battle of guilt versus grace

In the words of world renown Christian artist Matthew West, “there is a battle between guilt and grace and they both want to occupy a sacred space, but grace wins every time.”

It can be so hard to balance our word with out reputation. What we say is what we actually do. We make commitments we know we cannot honor, bite off more than we can chew and take on twice our capacity.

Consider this.

When it comes to honoring our word, not only to God but to our peers, think of how often you have been right in the middle of the battle between guilt and grace. Maybe you did something out of habit with no malicious intent and you just did not think it through.

It can only help to remember that grace wins every time. No matter the guilt you may feel. Let that prompt you to have a repentant spirit toward God, yourself or someone else.

Remember, grace wins every time.

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