The Perfect GPS: Understanding life at different locations


Have you ever gotten into your vehicle, set the GPS to take you to one destination and slowly but surely start to realize that you may be headed in the wrong direction?

Flustered and frustrated, you attempt to reestablish the destination with no such good luck in finding out where you are. Global Positioning Satellite, for all its wonders and technology, will still assist you in getting lost.

Have you ever looked around your life and felt like it could not be real? It is either so good, so bad or so confusing that you must be lost.

There is no way that your universal GPS set you on a journey that led to that dead end, bad experience or indescribable pain.

Consider this.

That Universal GPS is God’s Perfect Setting. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, feeling or thinking God has set you in that place to find something you need to continue the next leg of your journey.

It is OK to fidget, fuss, fight and cry about it, but do not do it too long. Come to yourself.

Focus and remember that the GPS is calibrated daily by grace (getting unwarranted favor) and mercy (not getting what you deserve based on your behavior).

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