Strung along the path of life

At some point in each of our lives, we meet someone who we would move the moon for. We would fling stars into space, create night and day and animals and flowers for.

We meet that person and we love them so dearly that we scarcely see their flaws. We forgive them without discrimination.

The problem comes when we realize that we are being strung along by the power of one-sided love.

It can be painful for the strung-along party but lucrative for the one still reaping the benefits of an unconditional love.

Have you ever considered that this is the way that we treat God? He flung the stars into space for us. He literally gave us the world in addition to the life of his son to save us from our own self-destruction.

We string him along, breaking his heart daily. Yet, for the most part, we still live happy and free. What can we do?

Is it our nature to use and be used? No. Selfishness is a choice, just like consciousness of that selfishness is a choice.

Cultivate and cater to your relationship with God as strongly as you do humanity. Watch the difference in how God reacts to you.


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