The power of faith in prayer

“Lord, I believe. Please help my unbelief.”

This is the simplest, most genuine prayer in the bible. The Father, who suffered from what amounts in modern days to epileptic seizures, prayed to Jesus as he healed his sons affliction.

We each have a unique way of connecting with God. Comparing your way to another person’s way will make you feel inadequate.

Your prayers may be shorter and less articulate. If your motive and heart, however, is pure, God’s ear hears them all.

I pray this prayer a lot when I need to feel God around me. Waking up and working is a daily miracle. If you have ever needed God to make a mighty move in your life, to change your mind and heart , the prayer you should pray is over your unbelief.

Preface to that story, the disciples had already prayed and tried to heal the boy. Jesus recognized that they prayed with true faith that he could heal the child.

Here is the point. Prayer without faith is just talking to yourself. 

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