NFL: Week 9 Predictions


RDR contributor Julius Kizzee gives his predictions for Week 9 in the NFL.

Browns 14 vs. Bengals 42

The Johnny Manziel era should have started before the season, not when McCown was injured. A first-round pick on a quarterback should be thrust into the line-up when your team has virtually no shot of making the playoffs, sitting at 2-6. Unfortunately, his performance in this game alone will not be enough to stop a Cincinnati onslaught. #JohnnyFootball

Actual Outcome | Bengals won 31-10

 Dolphins 20 vs. Bills 10

These two teams are hard to gauge week-to-week. A preseason, dark-horse playoff contender, the Bills have stumbled to a 3-4 record out of the gate. The Dolphins, on the other hand, are looking to continue a positive trend going 2-1 in their last three games. The Bills should be looking to capitalize on this one, since they will not host another team until Dec. 6 against the Texans.

Jaguars 17 vs. Jets 30

The Jets will escape with a close win in Geno Smith’s return back to primetime. The contest should be relatively easy for the Jets, with a rebuilt defense and nice receivers. Look for the Jets to win this one handily, but the Jaguars may score in garbage time.

Redskins 12 vs. Patriots 40

This one probably won’t be close.

Note: The cries for RGIII should be getting louder. Kirk Cousins is only 5-11 in the league as a starter.

 Raiders 20 vs. Steelers 21

Before the season, one would chalk this one up as a win for the Steelers. Nine weeks into the season and nothing is guaranteed for either club. The Steelers will hope for a better showing than the one last week against the Bengals, but Derek Carr will not go down without a fight.

Falcons 20 vs. 49ers 6

The Colin Kaepernick era in San Francisco may be coming to an end, with another paltry performance. The 49ers’ offense has put up only nine points in three games, and failed to register 20 points in five of their eight contests. The slope for the 49ers gets steeper from here as they face the Falcons, Seahawks and Cardinals all in succession of each other.

Eagles 21 vs. Cowboys 14

I’m not picking the Cowboys until Tony Romo returns. Period.

Packers 20 vs. Panthers 24

The newly defeated Packers get to travel to Carolina, pitting Aaron Rodgers up against a top-10 Panthers’ defense. Cam Newton is on a tear so far this season and the Packers’ defense will not have an answer for him. The Packers will head back home with two losses on their schedule.

Rams 17 vs. Vikings 10

Teddy Bridgewater is having a relatively quiet season, only throwing for six touchdowns through seven games. Adrian Peterson will have to show up in this contest for Bridgewater to throw a TD against the Rams. Look for this one to be a low-scoring affair.

Titans 10 vs. Saints 30

The Titans haven’t won a game since Sep. 13 against the lowly Bucs. Not to mention, they have not been competitive in half of them. Don’t expect this to change when they visit The Big Easy to play against the Saints.

Side Note: Drew Brees will throw for 4 TD’s.

Giants 20 vs. Buccaneers 14

The Giants are playing a surprisingly weird Buccaneers team that is hard to gauge. One week, they lost to Houston 19-9. A little over a month later, the Giants defeated and shocked the Falcons at home. Look for this one to get a little weird. It only helps that you are never sure which form of Eli Manning you will get from week to week.

Broncos 33 vs. Colts 13

In a rematch of last year’s playoff matchup, the Colts will look to redeem themselves this time around against those pesky boys from Denver. This game will be all Andrew Luck’s taking. I think he will not be able to take advantage. The Broncos will steamroll the Colts in another homecoming for Peyton Manning.

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