Thought of the Day: Love is first patient

Can you ever remember a time that you was frustrated with someone who you truly cared for simply because they did not get something as clearly or as quickly as you wanted them to?

Have you ever taught someone to read, to tie his or her shoes or to go to the restroom? As a left-handed kid, the struggle to learn to write was very real. I was different and concurs of my in abilities as opposed to the abilities of children my age.

Growing up, thankfully, I had a very patient, very left-handed father who understood my struggles, not only as a child but as a fellow left-handed person.

Second Corinthians teaches us that love is first patient. Love is the spirit and figure of God, so he is first patient with us like any good father is.

Thus, stop and think before you decide to express your impatience with someone you love.

Have a great day!


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