Thought of the Day: Self discovery

On the road to self discovery, we often have to look back before we can look forward.

You have to strip away all that life has placed on you at this point. You have to look at your foundation, the solids and constants in your life and personality.

Personally, I think back to my days as an early interventionist. Parents would bring their children to the clinic for multiple reasons such as not speaking, not walking or doing socially inappropriate things for their age.

With all my education about different theories and solutions to these issues, my safe haven to dealing with these issues was music.

Music is a universal language. It is as old as time.

Music is what love sounds like. Music is the only entity capable of stimulating the entire brain at one time.

David wrote psalms and danced like a maniac to show love, respect an admiration to the Lord. God gives us back the music of nature and the rhythm of life.

Music is my tree. The branches are yet to be discovered.

What is your tree?

Have an amazing day.

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