What kind of coverage do you have?

Have you ever had one of those days where you experience the entire spectrum of emotions all at once.

Sadness, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Joy, Sorrow and then eventually peace and rest .

Yesterday was one of those days for me.

During a period of introspection, I looked back over my life. It made me very sad, very angry and very fearful about the future.

The things that matter the most, do not matter to me. The things that most value, I do not value. While I value home and hearth, others value money possessions and success.

As I was just about to hurl something across the room, I received a text message from someone I had not heard from in several months. I began to describe the day that I was having to him.

As he listened and interpreted he stopped me to say, “ I have always known that you are especially covered by love.” I didn’t understand this because I assumed we all were covered by love.

He said,”no, some of us are covered by peace, longevity, persistence, and we are all covered by grace and mercy; but you are covered by love.” He also said, “think about it, of all the places you’ve gone and things you’ve done you’ve come out physically unharmed, and with most of your sanity still possessing the ability and desire to love on others. You are covered by, protected by and infused with love.”

No matter what happens, never lose that. I sat and thought… covered by love huh. Maybe just maybe I am. So…. What’s your coverage?

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