Woman: The Potter

Recently, after speaking with a friend, I was taking back by a notion that I was aware of but had no idea that men actually knew it as well.

Well, I take that back, some men know it and some men choose to act as though they do not.

Lately I have been struck by the need for a new vision, new goals and new tasks to complete. As a person, naturally one of those visions is for a partner.

Thus, I began making a list.

1. One that seeks me out
2. One who seeks God genuinely on a spiritual level to be his guide not just to quote scripture
3. One who will beseech God with me to heal us both
4. One who has a genuine desire to do what’s right not just for him but for his future
5. If he is a father put his children’s lives first on every level. Instill a need for spirituality in them
6.One who is willing to be truthful and encourages honesty in me
7. Understands his God given position as a man
8. A man seeking a partner for life
9. A man with a vision of his own
10. Accepts my flaws and encourages prayer for change discernment and elevation beyond the physical and the natural
11. Fight the demons that plague us together
12. Gives as much as he gets
13. Prays for family as the head and takes that role seriously
14. No smoking
15. No addictive drinking
15. Zero tolerance for infidelity from either party
16. A true and genuine friend
17. Has a desire to see deeply into me even when I say I’m OK
18. Encourages right thinking and right behavior in both myself and him
19. Mature enough to honestly own his feelings and emotions appropriately without cowardice or transference
20. One who’s words and actions match up

After proudly sharing my “VISION” my friend said, “That’s a very good list.”

Few women know what they are looking for.

However, women do not realize how VITAL they are to molding and fostering the necessary traits in MEN.

I laughed but then I was shown.

LADIES atop all of our responsibilities fostering greatness in MEN is yet another.

So ladies, what seeds are you sowing? What are you molding?
Men are you capable of being molded?

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