Pocket Silk: The period at the end of a statement



Suit: Jos A Bank Inc.
Shirt: Isaac Mizrahi New York
Tie: Daniel Cremieux
Pocket Silk: Jos A Bank Inc.

First impression matters. When wearing your suit or sport coat, it should be an eye catcher. A suit coat is the first thing someone may notice when you enter the room.

It’s an attention grabber and it makes a statement.

At the end of the statement, to bring everything together, you need an accessory. The best accessory to transform your suit from fashionable to debonair without going over the top is a nice pocket square.

A pocket silk can be made out of many materials such as silk, cotton, wool or linen. Most common squares are silk, which can be folded easily and incorporate more designs such as paisley or pin-dots.

When incorporating a pocket silk to your attire, it does not have to be the same color as your tie or the same pattern. The purpose of the pocket silk is to add a touch of flair and class or bring out a smaller color in your tie or suit.

“If your suit is the statement, your pocket silk is the period at the end to bring it all together.”

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