Thought of the Day: Pay Attention

I am the type of person who will watch the same movie or television series over and over again. I have seen it. I probably know the words verbatim and I do not expect to be surprised.

Needless to say, I always find something new every time I watch a movie or TV series. It never fails.

Yesterday, as I was waiting for a meeting to start, I pulled out my phone to read a few verses from the Bible. I won’t say that I have read the Bible from cover to cover but there isn’t much that I don’t know about the book and its contents.

Suddenly, something jumped off of the screen and captured my attention like never before.

The writer who wrote this passage probably would say this portion of the passage was insignificant. To me, however, it gave me great comfort and peace.

The portion of the passage said, “for God does not have favorites- among his children.”

I love this statement because we often judge Gods love for us based on the examples that we see in the world when in reality, things could be a lot different.

Even though God chooses some people for big tasks, they are still not his favorites.

Human parents are incapable of loving each child equally. Humanity makes that impossible. Some children you identify better with than others.

To know that God has no favorites…that was truly awesome for me.

I am awful yet he favors the Pope nor more than he favors me.

Think about what that means in your life.

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