Shoe Exhibit Provides Nostalgia To Our Favorite Kicks


Often regarded as the staple of our fashion trends, sneakers have transformed over the centuries at an unbelievable rate. From the earliest shoes, made from leather that resembles our modern day sandals and moccasins, to the ahead of our time, Back To The Future inspired shoes, that now enable power auto-lacing; our kicks have advanced to the next level.

Earlier this year from June until August, an exclusive sneaker exhibit was showcased at the High Museum of Art, here in Atlanta, Georgia. Entitled The Rise of the Sneaker Culture, this exhibit traced back the history and evolution of sneakers dating back from the mid-nineteenth century to its distinction in today’s society as a prominent status symbol.

With 155 sneakers on display, shoe brands such as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Reebok, and Converse, in conjunction with collaborations from major artists and fashion designers like Kanye West and Run DMC, were able to have some of their most prominent kicks on hand to tell the story of how sneakers have transcended history and became one of the most versatile accessories  in urban culture and fashion alike.

Our own personal styles have allowed us to showcase our sneaker repertoire in various entities across different platforms. They have enabled us to challenge the status quo of society and let our creative voices be heard beyond our imagination. Because of this, new avenues of social engagement have been explored to create larger cultural shifts in all stages of fashion.

Outside of the sneakers on show, along the walls of the exhibit included photos and design drawings that divulged into the history and marketing campaigns of some of the holy grails in the sneaker world. The current style of sneakers is one that is constantly changing as the years go by, but one thing is for sure, our culture will forever reign immaculate!


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