NFL WEEK 8: Big game predictions


Red Diamond Report sports contributors Jordan Crump, Julius Kizzee, Perry Robinson, Corey Howard and Wilton Jackson share their predictions for some of the biggest games in the NFL in Week 8.


The New England Patriots will beat the San Diego Chargers, 30-16. Brady plays like Tom Brady, despite their defense not looking as sharp in the past couple seasons. All in all, you still have to match Brady’s arm to come away with the win. I don’t have the Chargers bringing the fire power necessary to get the win.

The Oakland Raiders will beat the Buffalo Bills, 27-20. Derek Carr has returned from injury and didn’t miss a beat, throwing for 417 passing yards and three touchdowns in a game that came to the wire against Kansas city. I’m not betting against him this week.

The Houston Texans will beat the Seattle Seahawks, 38-20. Deshaun Watson has taken a page out of Dak Prescott’s rookie year and is shocking the world. It will be a shootout, but with Watson under center Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller, this game will be in favor of the Texans.

The Dallas Cowboys will beat the Washington Redskins, 33-17. The Cowboys have had rocky spots but don’t count them out. Their defense has shown improvements and gained some confidence. One thing remains true. If the offensive line plays well, Prescott will torture defenses all night.

The Kansas City Chiefs will beat the Denver Broncos, 21-20. Denver’s defense returns to its throne with Von Miller torturing Alex Smith all night, but the Kansas City Chiefs will still pull off the win. Shannon Sharpe will have to save the “milds and yak” for another tough matchup against the Eagles next weekend.


The Patriots will beat the Chargers. A good old Rivers vs Brady match-up! However, Phillip Rivers has always struggled against New England.  I can’t remember the last time the Chargers beat the Pats, and I believe history will only repeat itself in the end.  Pats win in this one.
The Raiders will beat the Bills.  Okay, Buffalo is definitely one of the most slept on teams in the NFL. LeSean McCoy continues to show consistency running the ball.  Tyrod Taylor doesn’t turn over the ball often. Despite these points, however, I still think Oakland wins.  Last week, Oakland played on Thursday.  By playing on Thursday, the Raiders have extra time to heal up some players, giving them some extra time to implement an effective game plan.
The Texans will beat the Seahawks. Houston will sneak away with this one.  The offense actually looks pretty good with DeShaun Watson.  Also, Seattle’s offensive line seems to be struggling, causing Russell Wilson to run for his life.  I think Houston gets enough offense to pull off the win Seattle.
The Cowboys will beat the Redskins. Cowboys simply have too many weapons for the struggling Redskins.
The Chiefs will defeat the Broncos. A good old fashion division matchup.  Kansas City is having a good year, despite its recent shortcomings. I do not see Kansas City losing three games in a row.  Denver’s defense is tough, but Andy Reid’s west coast offense will help the ball get out fast.  I think the Chiefs will out scheme the Broncos.
The Patriots will get the win against the Chargers. This will be the toughest matchups of the season for Brady and the Crew. The Chargers pass rush on the edge led by Joey Bosa will cause some disruption, but the recent emergence of this offensive line should be able to protect Brady in a fairly close matchup. New England wins, 26-17.
The Raiders will beat the Bills. Marshawn Lynch serving this one-game suspension should not hurt the Raiders’ offense that much. Both teams are coming off big wins last week and will look to carry momentum into Sunday’s game. Look for Derek Carr to remain red hot and carry Oakland to victory. Raiders win 24-20.
The Seahawks will beat the Texans. Houston is coming off a bye-week, and Watson is riding high as a Rookie of the Year frontrunner and MVP candidate. This gives the Texans great confidence that they can pull off the win against Seattle. The name of this game is “protect Wilson”. If the Seahawks offensive line can do that on Sunday, the vaulted defense known as the “Legion of Boom” should bottle Watson and keep them atop the NFC West standings. Seattle wins 24-21.
The Redskins will beat the Cowboys. Zeke is coming off a great game against the 49ers, and Prescott is showing signs of why he won Rookie of the Year in 2016. These two are all you need to feel confident in Dallas this week. Unfortunately, this game might not be as easy as it seems for Dallas fans. Josh Doctson is beginning to show why he’s a first-round talent, and I expect a bounce-back game from Cousins after the Redskins Monday night loss against the Eagles. Redskins win 21-13.
The Chiefs will beat the Broncos. The Broncos continue to struggle as the only sign of hope that they can win this game will come from their defense. Kareem Hunt is an absolute stud, and Alex Smith continues to amaze critics and they should remain on a roll and continue to keep control of that division lead. Chiefs win 28-10.
The Chargers will defeat the Patriots.
The Bills will defeat the Raiders.
The Texans will defeat the Seahawks.
The Redskins will defeat the Cowboys.
The Chiefs will defeat the Broncos.
The New England Patriots will beat the San Diego, 31-23.
The Oakland Raiders will beat the Buffalo Bills, 23-20.
The Seattle Seahawks will beat the Houston Texans, 28-24.
The Dallas Cowboys will beat the Washington Redskins, 35-24.
The Kansas City Chiefs will beat the Denver Broncos, 24-21.




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