NFL Week 10: Big game predictions

Red Diamond Report sports contributors Jordan Crump, Perry Robinson, Corey Howard and Wilton Jackson share their predictions for big games around the NFL in Week 10.


Saints vs Bills

1. The Bills have very few answers on offense. If the Saints can contain the workhorse LeSean McCoy, they have a pretty solid chance of winning the point battle. Saints offense has hit a sweet spot this season, and I have them winning 35-20.
Cowboys vs Falcons
2. As long as the cowboys have Dak Prescott healthy, they are a tough matchup for any team while Matt Ryan has not played like himself this year, with a guaranteed interception or fumble almost every game to shake things up. Julio jones will be Julio but the Cowboys take this one, 30-17.
Patriots vs Broncos
3. The Broncos’ defense has been a formidable sight to see as in years past, while the Patriots’ defense not so much this year. With a team under Bill Belichick, however, the Pats defense has improved each game. Patriots walk away with the win, 29-28.

Saints vs Bills

The Saints have rebounded from early-season struggles and have established themselves as legit SB contenders. The RB tandem between Ingram & Kamara will force Buffalo to give their best defensive effort of the season to hang throughout the game. NOLA wins 27-17

Cowboys vs Falcons

The Cowboys are starting to heat up with Elliot’s suspension looming over his head. Atlanta’s SB hangover has placed their backs against the walls and are staring down the barrel of missing the playoffs if they lose this weekend. The Falcons will rise against the pressure and come out with the victory on Sunday. Atlanta wins 30-28.

Patriots vs Broncos

Sunday night showdown featuring the SB champs. The Broncos have fumbled their QB situation and the team’s performance last week shows that the team is all but given up hopes this year. The Pats should get an easy victory coming out of their bye week against the mentally defeated Broncos. Patriots win 34-14.


Saints vs Bills
Saints are on fire! Winning six straight games, and even look like they are trying to play a little defense.  However, I don’t think that will carry over on the road.  I think Buffalo is an underestimated team that can be dangerous for the Saints and they’re winning streak.  I think the Bills get the win, 34-23.
Cowboys vs Falcons
I, along with other people, don’t really know what’s going on with Zeke’s case anymore with all these legal turns. I know he’s currently suspended for this week’s game, and the Cowboys needed him.  Matt Ryan and the Falcons are always tough at home, and this week I believe their offense catches fire and gets back on track. Falcons win, 37-24.
Patriots vs Broncos
Let me make it plain. The Broncos just are NOT good right now.  They have all kinds of questions at the most important position in football (QB).  Additionally, the team seems to be quitting by attempting to exert the minimum amount of effort required to play the game.  Last week, I thought they quit because their offense couldn’t get it together, and their offense still doesn’t have it together. Patriots win easy, 38 – 10.
Saints vs Bills
The Bills will look to get a win at home this week after losing to the Jets on Thursday night. However, the Saints are playing well on offense, mainly behind the level of production from their rushing attack helping Drew Brees to make plays down the field. if the Saints can stop Bills’ LeSean McCoy on the ground, the Saints should get the victory on the road. Saints will win a close one, 31-24.
Cowboys vs Falcons
The Cowboys will be without Ezekiel Elliot, a major part of the success for the Cowboys on offense along with Dak Prescott. While the Cowboys have other running backs, Elliot makes a huge difference win he plays. The Falcons are playing at home to salvage their season. The game will be close, but the Falcons will come out on top. Falcons will win, 27-24.
Patriots vs Broncos
The Broncos are in a lot of trouble. Honestly, I dont see much changing this week. Look for the Patriots to run their normal game plan under Belichick, especially coming off a bye week. The Patriots will win, 35-17.

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