The Purpose of God, The Creator


God, Jesus the Creator, whatever you call him or however you understand him loves you but its much different and far more deeply than Sunday school could ever fathom or entertain.

God is the ultimate sour patch disciplinarian. Sour then sweet.  Vengeance is mine said the lord was likely a misinterpretation for hold up hold up hold up let me recalibrate the balance of the universe and let the chips fall where they may. Adam and Eve acquired knowledge in the garden.

It was the best worst gift ever given to humanity but we always had a choice. Even in discharging us from paradise and condemning us to death, there was the small loophole of unconsciousness. There’s no recollection of life before life it would stand to reason that there would be no knowledge of death after death.

Think of it as permanent anesthesia. Humans fear knowledge of the end, not the end itself. Awareness of consciousness, we fear it. So, even though he condemned us to die, he provided that simple comfort to us, which should give you every reason to live life joyfully.

This endless dichotomy of good and evil is the stuff apocalypse are made of. The creator is a God of boundaries, order and structure. You go here and no further. You go there and no further. He created the world in total balance. Dark light, high low, fish land, plant-animal and man and woman, each opposite according to each kind, possessing something necessary for the survival of the other.

If you ever wonder what God’s will is, look to nature. If you put batteries into a device facing the same direction, they will not perform. But, make one slightly different, you bring something different to that equation. The creation is something truly spectacular.

If it doesn’t work in nature, then God didn’t create it period. It didn’t spring forth from his imagination. Finally, we will never be good enough for what he gives us, but we will never be so bad that he would desert us.

I love when the prodigal son is in the filth pit and he comes to himself, like walking from a dream. The events of this life can put you into a stupor but like that child, you have to come to yourself and decide. I’m going back. I would rather be a servant in my fathers house than to live one more day this way.

What you’ll find is that he was always looking, watching and waiting for you. Bad things don’t happen to good people. Things happen to people. God, for the sake of balance boundaries, order and structure does what needs to be done to maintain order.

He is not meek and mild. He is a decisive leader — the lion and the lamb, the boom and the bass. The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

Invite this peace into your heart and let it grow when you’re tempted to worry or wonder why one person thrives while you struggle for every gotten gain. Iron sharpens iron. Never ever be dull and unprepared to fight. He gave you a weapon that you will potentially need but we sit and we wait. What good are weapons without the will to fight.

When the Lord says smite, you smite. When the Lord says spare, you spare. You are the instrument of his will. Jesus said to Judas as he walked up to kiss his cheek, come and do what you came for. Judas was a necessary part of the story. The legend is sometimes more valuable than the facts — the whys, who’s, whats whens etc.

Everything Jesus did went according to the Old Testament prophecy whether it was him following a script or the natural flow of life.

It doesn’t exactly matter when you’re the creator of all things. Things are done like their done so that we may see, feel and believe. Not everything about faith is supernatural. In fact, the gospel loses many potential followers because they want to know what God can do for them daily not what somebody said he magically did years ago.

Faith and reason have never struggled. They have always cooperated. Human understanding and interpretation of events in the natural world (Gods exclusive domain) put a split where no one had previously existed. You try explaining space travel to a first-century Jew. Language would be your gift and curse.

All of this grandiose tell of facts and revelations just says the sacred creator loves you more than you could imagine. Even when you’re down, he has provided a way out. It may not be your way, but there’s always a ram in the bush.

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