Shoulders to God: Fulfilling my God-given purpose

If you can find one person who has not experienced hard times and difficult situations, he or she is truly one in a million. Everyone faces hardships that create opportunities for growth and maturity.

Life comes at you fast, and for Meco Shoulders, the reality of him living what he thought was an “ideal life” hit rock bottom when he experienced an early glimpse of freedom in the real world.

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From the Queens to ESPN: Bamidele Idowu, the first Stuart Scott Intern

There is a popular cliché for parents to tell their kids to “dream big” and to “reach for the stars” while they are young. When they get older, however, those kids, who were once five or ten years old, grow up to realize that to achieve their dreams, it takes more than a simple dream to be successful. It takes effort, self-discipline and motivation.

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